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Version: v1.4 🚧

Anolis Plugsched

In order to improve the colocation effect on CentOS 7.9 operating system kernel in the CPU resource dimension, Anolis community provides a plug-in solution, which is to use the plugsched to provide a scheduler plug-in package for CPU colocation technology. This plug-in can be directly installed on CentOS 7.9 without downtime and business migration. For more details about plugsched, please refer to the Blog.


  • Kernel: The kernel must be the official CentOS 7.9 kernel.
  • version == 3.10.0
  • release >= 1160.81.1

Use Plugsched​

Install the plug-in​

# rpm -ivh$(uname -r).rpm

If you update the kernel version, you can use the following command to install the new plug-in.

# rpm -ivh$(uname -r).rpm --oldpackage

After installation, you can see the cpu.bvt_warp_ns in cpu cgroup directory and the usage of it is compatible with Group Identity.

Removing plug-in​

Removing the plug-in can use the rpm -e command and the cpu.bvt_warp_ns doesn't exist either. Please make sure that no tasks are still using cpu.bvt_warp_ns before uninstalling.

Use Koordinator CPU QoS feature​

Please refer to User Manual.